Tuesday, May 15, 2012

READing Your Style: Dreams By Design by Valerie Burton

EBONY Magazine, May 2012

Reading the May 2012 issue of Ebony magazine, which was focused on sustaining a healthy body and a happy life, I came across a feature story by Valerie Burton, a successful and popular life-coach. Her two page spread in the magazine was chalked full of helpful advice to help readers set themselves in the right direction towards leading a more fulfilled life in our own skin. I thought this bit of advice below would be helpful for it sheds light on discovering what you really want in life, why we want those things, and how we can get them. I found that a lot of what I champion here on IMF.blog is in sync with her advice, for these were some perspectives I use to help develop my own style and discover where I want my life to go. In my fashion, how can one live for their style if they don't know what their style is, and what really brings them joy in this life? 

Six Clues to Discovering What You (Really) Want:

1)Twenty years from now, what will you regret not doing? You are more likely to regret the stuff you didn't do than the stuff you did. So take a bold step and go for it, whatever "it" is for you.

2)Give "someday" a deadline. Make a list of everything you said you'd do. Take out your calendar and decided when it's going to happen. Make it specific so you can be clear about what action steps you'll need to take.

3)What makes you feel a tad jealous? Emotions are teachers. You're envious of people who have things you want for yourself. For instance, if hearing that a co-worker went back to school, earned a degree and just got a promotion makes you feel a tinge of jealousy, that's a clue that maybe getting a degree should be on your dream list.

4)You are the same spirit you were as a child. Close your eyes and remember what got you excited when you were younger. Make a list and look for any themes; they might remind you of some forgotten pleasures. 

5)What caused you pain? Purpose and passion are often born out of pain. Use past challenges to discover opportunities to live out your life's purpose.

6)What brings you joy? Joy comes in the simple things, such as time with loved ones, engaging in a hobby or exploring your world. Small joys that are experienced daily can increase your happiness-starting today.

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