Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Style Watch: Rita Ora

Lately, everyone has been wanting to "Party and Bullshit," mostly because of this new age Goldilocks, Rita Ora. In our modern world of endless fakery and perpetration, Ms. Ora is a fine representation of true style, providing variety yet remaining faithful to her true essence. Rita Ora has been a part of the Jay-Z Roc Nation family since 2009 and will be releasing her debut album later this year. Being another hot tottie off the UK-trial of entertainers making their way over to the US as of late, this Kosovar Albanian beauty is another diverse piece addition to the melting pot of talent in the entertainment industry. In my fashion, diversity is the key to our future, and this interesting find is fit to bring a new style and flare to what we Americans consider

Put off by her looks, we are first drawn to think of a certain familiar (often scantily clad) entertainer of Roc Nation who I have featured before on IMF.blog previously, Rihanna. You might think that on the mind of Jay-Z is another "Rihanna-like ploy" for fortune, but taking a glance at these few videos confirmed that, in my fashion, she has got a lot of natural and original talent (and looks). When you really take the time to dissect the differences between the two (which isn't very hard after a few verses) its actually kinda hard to pan her as a good OR bad girl, compared to Rihanna's obvious rebellion. The free-spirited Rita Ora, who is three years Rihanna's senior, can be seen on Twitter (@ritaora) passing tweets back and forth in a close, sisterly like way, which is more appealing than seeing rivalry-like schawbles, which I am sure the gossipy-media will try to portray.

From the looks of these videos, in my fashion, Rita Ora is prime for the American circuit. On top of her songs, "Hot Right Now" (released in February) and "R.I.P." (released on May 6) having become a #1 hit on the UK Billboard charts this year already, her look is quite funky and pretty, which is the appeal these days in pop culture.  Not only are her clothing looks on trend, but her avid use of red lip stick, along with her curly blond locks that illuminate her fair skin, combined with a facial structure that suggests ethno-american resemblance, her popularity will be up enough in time for the coming school year when high school gals will need outfit ideas for the fall (aside: take a look at the feathered dress she sports, for it connects in ALL the right places), especially considering this summer, she will be opening stadium concerts for Coldplay all this summer. Her style reminds me of a cute trashy girl from the 90's, and she moves perfectly to the feel of her music, and there are no disconnects in regards to her image and the vibe of her sound. I enjoy viewing the charisma and candor she emotes in these performances, which is precisely why I can say with high confidence, that her swagger and allure shall prove distinct from her veteran peer, Ri-ri, and will add another bit of style inspiration for all of us to adore and feed off of.

To read more about her, click here.

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