Saturday, December 1, 2012

EDITOR'S LETTER: December 2012

In my fashion, a great website to view some great perspectives on the fashion industry is the As a subscriber, I received their daily newsletter, subject entitled: Fashion 2.0: The Next Chapter of Content and Commerce Integration. Technology has affected business and commerce immensely within the past few decades, majorly altering how we shop now, and will shop in the future. Businesses have had to alter business plans fairly quickly to respond to higher, faster demand, and it alerted me to the how the fashion industry itself has to reinvent itself right along with us as we ponder how to reinvent ourselves each year.

This coming January makes a year since my first post for #IMFblog. To sum up the work I have been doing and the question I seek to answer here is, "why should we be interested in fashion?" My aim is really to keep our minds open to the prospect of using our style to forward our quality of life among the glitz and glamour of fashion. Considering we are moving into a new year, this month I wanted to focus on personal growth and reinvention. How are we going to be a new perfect model of ourselves in 2013? 

In my fashion, if you are thinking about improving your life, start with your clothes! In the October 2012 issue of ELLE Magazine, Editor-in-Chief, Roberta Myers, cleverly compares our style to instant messaging, in that personal style is "probably the fastest instant messenger we've got, transmitting all kinds of information to strangers and friends alike." ELLE calls it, this-is-who-I-am dressing, in which one finds the clothes, "that help us to access the bravest, or most romantic, or most authentic parts of ourselves and put them on display for all the world to see." Style shows the direction for your life, which is why I always tell people, dress for the position you want, not the one that you are in. In my fashion, strong style will attract the opportunities you are dressed for.

This month we are going to go back to to take a gander at their suggestions for personal growth and improving our quality of life going into 2013. As I did in October I intend on examining some sartorial looks for each personality type as we explore ways of balancing out our lives based on our innate tendencies. I also wanted to look at the changing face of the business of fashion and new approaches to enticing consumers to buy. In this regard, androgyny has become a growing trend and marketing ploy that has generated a bit of debate as of late that I find interesting.

I really want to send the message home this month that You Design Yourself! In my fashion, life is a matter of making the right choices. As I postulated in May, Live for Your Style, and let it propel you to the path of life that fits best for you. In my fashion, destiny is most attracted to those who dress with a conviction to live the life that fits you best.

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