Monday, June 25, 2012

Destination: Inspiration *Tianjin*

Next on my list of places to go is the city of Tianjin in China. As I mentioned before in my first Destination: Inspiration post, China is classified as one of the four BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), and is said to be the greatest economic power by 2050. Tianjin, a port city in China, is working on bringing itself up to par with its sister city to the north, Beijing, and according to based on its beautification and urban renewal programs, it may well do that soon. All aspects of entertainment from other countries are helping in its growing popularity from the realms of sports and music, to film and media (especially with Chinawood becoming a modern day version of Hollywood). With all of the future development and attractions, Tianjin will certainly contribute to China’s assent to global economic power.

Tianjin is often overshadowed by Beijing in tourist popularity which is 117 miles apart, but thanks to China’s high speed, Bullet Train, you can get from Beijing to Tianjin in 30 minutes. China is a vast land, and in my fashion, I would have to explore China on this train that is said to get up to 124 mph. I would soak in all the ancient sights and interesting ancient and modern architecture of the cities of China (knowing me I would probably try to see what each culturally austere building looks like inside). I would especially want to visit the Tianjin Radio & TV Tower to see how far out of Tianjin I would be able to see from an aerial view of the bustling city. Next on the list, I would just have to partake in some sort of sartorial activity, of course a must by standards. I would have to go get fitted for a bespoke suit at Pinya Chi-pao which is said to have one of the best made to order experiences in the city. I would also have to check off going to Golden Street and Ancient Cultural Street on my list as well, for between these two shopping centers I know I will find not only something new, modern and unique on Golden Street, but I would hope to find something antique, substantial and meaningful on Ancient Cultural Street.

Thinking back a few months into 2011, I recall a fashion spread that appeared in the September issue of US Vogue that featured our very own (June Style Maven, Karlie Kloss). This 15 page beautiful fashion story, shot by none only than, Mario Testino, depicts Karlie in various aspects of Chinese culture, clad in all sorts of international frocks, from Balenciaga to McCartney, that mesh well with the eclectic style of Chinese culture. I would like my trip to go something like this.

US Vogue, Spetember 2011

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