Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Style Watch: Usher and Chris Brown

Half-way through June now, in my fashion, I can feel the spirit of summer really revving us all up for pending warm weather activity. With July 4th  peaking around the corner, and a plethora of festivals and outdoor events to keep in mind, it is finally getting that time to be a bit more outrageous as we all become a bit more scantily clad with the increasingly sizzling weather. Two well known artists that are always able to satisfy us by sending us a chill and making the hair on our backs rise to the occasion whenever they perform are, Usher, and Chris Brown. Below you can see their new music videos they recently released. I just had to highlight Usher’s “Scream” video, which was released in April as the second single to his seventh album, “Looking 4 Myself” which was released last Tuesday. This song is now a mainstream success having peaked number 13 on the Billboard charts and still building momentum as the album climbs in popularity.  I enjoy that in this video his movements had strong traces of who he was when we first fell in love with him in 1997 in the time of his “My Way” album. His smooth dance moves reek of the suave charisma of the 90’s that he helped to pioneer when he was a rising artist. This video is mature and high impact, which seems to be the direction he is going in based off his first amazingly crafted first single, “Climax”. This new album is surly one to support by far!

Moving on to the next generation, we have Chris Brown’s video, “Don’t Wake Me Up”, which was released in May, and is his forth single off his fifth studio album, “Fortune”. I feel his look in the video is laudable, and is a look many boys can gravitate to this summer considering it goes along with the Aladdin-look I described in my recent Destination: Inspiration post for Istanbul; turbans, draped scarves, etc. His look is very masculine, relevantly cultural, and representative of the eclectic style of the artist. In my fashion, this high velocity video exudes passion and anguish, while still making our toes tap while we listen to it. It’s like his heart exploded, and based on the concept of the song, speaking of a lost loved one who exist only in a dream, we can really relate to the sentiment he is trying to relay to his audience.

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