Monday, June 4, 2012

Style Watch: Carrie Underwood

For this month's first Style Watch, I wanted to highlight a music video that was released recently by Carrie Underwood. The song is entitled, "Good Girl" and has become certified gold in less than a month! In my fashion, this video is a perfect example of moving well in ones clothes as I described in my latest Letter from the Editor. In this video she is wearing some very edgy dresses ( as well as a lace eye cover that is to die for), dresses only fit for the strong, smart, independent woman such as, Carrie Underwood. Carrie, being an edgy-good-girl, sends the message to other good girls to be that good girl who is not one to take advantage of. Carrie Underwood does very well with sticking to who she is as a person and her looks in this video help in glorifying the strength and grace she possess. As I observed in my Letter from the Editor, Olympic gymnasts, Alexandra Raisman's "powerful and strong", yet "graceful, and artistic" approach to gymnastics is the energy I feel from Underwood as all of her natural movements, even down to the swish of her hair follicles, help to compliment what she is wearing, and vice versa. In my fashion, that type of teamwork between our clothes and our natural movements should be our gauge when it comes to choosing the right clothes to wear for ourselves.

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