Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Style Watch: Katy Perry

In my fashion, Katy Perry sure did put on a show for us with her sophomore album, “Teenage Dream”. It feels so long ago, but I still remember back in 2010 when the album first came out, and Dwight and I rushed, in between classes, to buy the album for we knew based on her 1st salacious video, California Girls with Snoop Dogg, she had a well-thought out game plan with such a simple but enchanting album concept. I had deemed “Circle the Drain” one of my favorite songs, off bat, as we blasted the songs in our car on our way back to campus. Since then, Katy Perry has taken us on a whirlwind of modern teenage fantasies that really spoke to all, and I mean all, perspectives of, well—teenager’s dreams. I think the real shock effect is that I don’t think anyone was prepared for such a fluid and cohesive concept to come from cutesy, Katy Perry, and for such a long period of time going strong as a dominant entertainment figure. Katy did a really good job of keeping herself in line with her fantasy even apart from being on stage and in videos. Off the screen she was still making playful splashes in the public wearing darling and whimsical looks that gave her a sort of fluttery appeal as she casually made appearances like when we seen her at this past Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week as the talk of the town in her edgy blue hair cut, not to mention her variety in red carpet costume throughout the past two years (she even married and divorced within in the “Teenage Dream” time period for goodness sake).  Now she has a 3D movie entitled, Katy Perry: Part of Me, to be released July 5, which aims to expose her journey during, “Teenage Dream”, and in my fashion, she did very well at creating an aura of true fantasy by creating her image in that of a literal modern fairy tale. She has really embodied the meaning of living out loud, and is exactly what I mean by getting out, moving, and experiencing life as you see it! This video for her song, “Wide Awake”, would be a perfect ending to her reign in entertainment for the “Teenage Dream” era, and hopefully this will parlay quite nicely into her next chapter.  

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