Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Destination: Inspiration *2012 New York City Gay Pride*

In light of having an adventurous spirit this summer and getting out in the world and exploring and trying new things, Dwight, a few friends, and I did some traveling of our own this past weekend. We made up to the Big Apple on Sunday for New York City Gay Pride! Mother Nature must have been on board for the festivities herself, for it was a glorious day with wonderful weather along with a certain energy in the air full of positivity and optimism, openness and excitement, and just sheer fun as we walked the streets of Chelsea and Soho, Times Square, the Village, and the Meat Packing District. As always for IMF.blog, I made it my duty to document our time, and show the splendor of a certain community that is in the forefront of the national agenda in regards to civil rights. Obama took to Twitter of Saturday supporting the national pride events across the nation, and in my fashion, I feel his support is completely in line with the Constitution from which we govern our nation upon, and I support those who support me, and my community. After all, as Deborah Mathis postulated in the Richmond Free Press the week Obama stated his feelings towards the acceptance of gay marriage, who has heard of, “anything in the Good Book that tells me I should do unto others as I would hate for others to do unto me?”

Take a look see and get some fatastic clothing ideas from some of the most confident people who strutted their pride on the streets, taking a stab at daring looks that take someone with true creativity and conviction to pull off.

Click through to see more photos of the day...Even more photos will be available in my July Letter Editor From the Editor post, available, as always, on the 1st  of the month! 

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