Saturday, November 3, 2012

à la mode: It Had to Be You

In September I shared a quote from Pharrell out of BULLETT Magazine, a quarterly publication, which in my fashion, I feel like I am taken through a great balance of global fashion coverage. This Fall 2011 edition was "The Romance Issue" where they explore diverse expressions of love, chalk full of uniquely imaginative fashion concepts to get you in the mood for the direction I'm going with this month's theme on #IMFblog in regards to relationships and the laws of attraction. Their editorial spread "It Had to Be You" for example, I am sure, would get any of us in the mood for love. This salacious display of lusciously styled couples is an visual orgasmic experience, for this spread explodes with vibrant color combinations, over scale patterns, and a treasure trove of varying textures—an awesome show of what this FW2012 season trends are all about. Ponder over the following excerpts from the issues, "Editor's Letter" from Editor-In-Chief, Idil Tabanca, which, in my fashion, accounts for a very universal definition of love and romance:

Romance is defined as emotion over libido, the overwhelming feelings of love and admiration surpassing our animal instincts and driving us to display selfless acts of affection, pursuit, sacrifice, patience, and respect.  

From the Trojan War to Brangelina, love's indomitable gestures have always played a major historical part in shaping humanity. A raw manifestation of love almighty, romance influences all walks of art and life, subtly shepherding us through our daily routines, making them bearable, and, at times, magical.

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