Thursday, November 8, 2012

Style Watch: Brandy

Brandy's style right now reminds me of water. Listening to her new album "Two Eleven" is like being on a raft and you are traveling through different currents of water. Brandy's plays a beautiful mermaid whose voice captures and comforts us as she takes us on a journey through the varied expressions of her feelings. When you think about it, fashion and music are always in sync with each other. Thinking about what's happening in fashion now this fall in regards to the progressive interpretations of trends such as layering, leather, and furs, she is doing well with leading us into the winter. In my fashion, her music is helping us to transition into the feel of wearing these comfort fabrics on our skin. Her voice is to our ears is as plush as a fox fur scarf on our neck. This summer was so exuberant and speedy. This fall, as we pull out clothes for these increasingly colder days, Brandy is regulating the pace of fall with music that is new and modern, yet very much "old-Brandy", sending us into a de crescendo of pace towards the pending dead of winter bringing us a fantastic balance of new and old. Visually, her look is in sync with the sound that emits from her for I am very impressed with the looks that are stamped to my memory when I watch her videos for her singles. Her video "Put it Down" with Chris Brown was a great intro to her album, and I was thoroughly pleased to see her fling the "throw-back-Brandy" with her classic "Moesha" braids. The new age urban looks she wore were hot during the last hot days of the summer. Now, this fall, with the video "Wildest Dreams", in my fashion, she is wearing all the trends that need to be worn this winter, especially those black, leather overalls she weaars with her hair slicked back in a black and white frame. This season, I find I have a growing love affair with red boots, ever since Dwight, found some "all red Eddie Bauer boots" with navy blue shoe strings at the thrift store last month. I noticed Brandy was wearing the new FW2012 Givenchy boots, a style of shoe which has already been quite a ubiquitous trend in less sever forms considering more women's boots this winter are pulling down the tops of their boots, which cover the front of the shoe in a new take on wearing boots this season. On top of that, all red sneakers and boots seem to be a developing trend, in my fashion, as I been seeing more people wearing them from on the streets to Bow Wow on 106 & Park. Brandy's long red boots look classic with her long black hair that she dances around with so angelically. I picture a real life version of the Disney Pocahontas when I see Brandy do her thing in this video. Remember when Pocahontas was dancing in the water with John Smith as she sang "Colors of the Wind"? Positively, à la mode!

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