Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Style Watch: Solange

Solange, kid-sister to famed pop icon, Beyoncé, is making waves on the UK Indie charts with her single below, "Losing You" off her new album "True" which will be released next Tuesday on iTunes. Solange, who is obviously different from Beyoncé artistically and musically, has a mellow melodic voice, but she has stood aside from her sister in the realm of fashion and style, especially this year as the clothing brand, Madwell, has made her the face of their Fall 2012 ad campaign. On top of other ventures, past brands she's been involved with in recent years include Rimmel London, and Armani, and she has been in more fashion media considering her natural tresses that she rocks with an awesome carefree confidence. Last year the sisters were featured in Vogue's annual, Best Dressed issue. This video was shot in Cape Town, South Africa, and I am in love with the fashions and how each character in the video are styled for, in my fashion, THIS is how you play with color, textures, and patterns. Take note, for maybe if you look as good as Solange does in this video, you might want to break out and shimmy in the same way she does throughout the video. Perfect example of positive dressing if you recall from my theme in March! 

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