Thursday, November 1, 2012

EDITOR'S LETTER: November 2012

Last month, I traveled to home to visit my brother for his birthday. My brother is a sophomore in High School and is a student athlete taking up football, basketball, and track. Me and my brother are seven years apart, and when I look at him I can't help to always remember him as my personal walk by punching bag of a brother. Only difference is, his punches come back just as hard as I throw them and I realize is becoming a man! As I talked with him and catch up on life, there were times when I found myself taking away life lessons from him and gaining strength from his words. I am proud to be able to learn from him because its showing me that he is learning the things that will make him a capable of taking care of himself, which is the one thing I want to not have to worry too much about when he leaves the comfort of our parents home. The video below is one which he shared with me that he gains inspiration and drive from, not just as an athlete, but as a growing young adult. 

In my fashion, some very empowering words were said in this video. "If you want something, work at it!" In my fashion, a man can get anything he wants in life if he can show that he is  "willing to put in the work” and exude effort.  “Effort is what is inside of you!" This month sort of goes back to my posts on Movement, for people who show the most effort, get exactly what they want out of life. Don't be lazy! In my fashion, a man who exudes that he can put forth the effort to contribute to others betterment are the most attractive men on this planet, and is the central quality a man can show to impress a women—and keep her. This month I want men to remember to not be lazy when it comes to creating dynamic looks for yourself day to day. “Its presence and essence that determines respect.”

How to Impress Her
This month I want to explore the crazy world of relationships. In the end, we all want to find that one person we can find companionship with. We as men want to attract to the most “fit” partner to walk with us in this life. This month I will be looking at the laws of attraction, and how we men can do what we can to bring happiness to our women. I found an interesting blog,, which seeks to understand love and relationships. In my fashion its good information if you wish understand yourself further to take a better hold of your love life. This month, I'm talking to the men who are committed  to improving themselves daily; the ones looking for true love and companionship; the ones who want to be the best boyfriend, husband, father, son, and brother to the women in their lives. I do not endorse careless philandering and mistreatment of women, because if the tables were turned, men would not want women to mistreat them in that way either. I am also talking to the men who want to live most usefully on this planet, because to do so, is to live up to your full potential, and what's more fulfilling than “MANifesting Your Destiny”. In my fashion, we were all placed here for a reason, and it’s our duty, especially as men, to be strong enough to live up to our destiny!  Kelly Rowland said it best in her song “Work-It Man” from her most recent album “Here I Am”: Every good women is looking for a “Work-It Man”. Are you a "work-it man"? The one thing to remember this month is to be aware of the fact that the more effort you put into something, most likely, eventually, you will get it. Martin Luther King Jr. quoted, "One's sense of manhood must come from within." As I have found, what we are on the inside tends to reveal its self on the outside through our appearance. Is what you are on the inside attractive?

What Attracts Women?
Style is simply another word for character. Character is what is inside you, and your character determines your integrity. As I have found, if we as men are going to be able to fulfill our roles as men, it is imperative that we focus daily on building on our integrity! Few things on this Earth are more important than integrity, and we should always strive to portray excellence when it comes to our integrity. As I have postulated before on #IMFblog, "Excellence is the result of caring about what you do and putting your very best effort into what you care about," and from what we gather from the video above, "Greatness is a bunch of small things done well, day after day.”  In my fashion, if we men aspire to do great things for ourselves, and to be able to take care of the ones we love, putting in the effort to exude excellence at a viewer's first glance, everyday, will send the message to everyone that you are “available”—available compatibility-wise; available to take on a challenge; available to be a part of something greater than yourself. Fashion is a great vehicle to help one focus on aspiring to be better than you were yesterday.  To MAN-ifest your destiny, be daring in a positive way and insist on living usefully, putting in 100% effort, every day, in all that you do, and that is how I believe we men can reach out true perfection—man or women.

Body language is one important
Signs of Attraction
Of course, a main aspect of attraction has to deal with how we look. Even though fashion is primarily a women’s business, men are proving to be more than accessories to the fact in our modern day. The men’s market has grown quite substantially globally, and this month I will be focusing on what options we men have these days in fashion, especially for this coming spring. The men’s fashion market is booming more than ever before, so allow #IMFblog help you find some uniquely interesting looks to show off your character. Normally, macho men quiver at the thought of the metrosexual mentality, but taking care of ourselves is an important aspect of life, and doesn't have to be seen as "feminist". Maybe you don't want evolve to having to manicure your image all day, but in my fashion, there are ways each of us males can appear as though we deserve to be magazine-worthy at all times. Women judge our style just as much as men fiend and ogle over women.  I want to encourage all men to aspire to look as though they deserve to be cast in a magazine campaign on a daily basis, just as women do for men. Don't be afraid to be a bit more daring and experimental in your look some days, because it can be very enticing and appealing if you are able to pull off an original look with optimism and confidence. Women appreciate a bold man who is content in who he is, what he is doing with his life, where he is going in his life, and that he is fearless as to what others think of him. In my fashion, exuding confidence, optimism, and originality in your dress is the easiest way to increase the chances that women walking past you feel obligated to take a second glance. The second glance is the desired reaction we want from women, for if u can get her attention, you have at least won half the battle. This is what fashion is for!

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