Thursday, November 22, 2012

Character Building: James Bond

One of my favorite childhood memories with my father was when, somewhere on TV, there would be a 007 marathon (in fact, starting this morning, the Syfy Chanel is hosting one today and tomorrow). We would sit down and watch them all day. We also would go see the new James Bond movies as they came out in theaters, and that was always good bonding time, no pun intended. In my fashion, what was so enjoyable about these marathons is that in 50 years of James Bond films, men of all ages can relate to the James Bond character. I would venture to say that there is not a man alive who would want to be their own version of James Bond.

In my fashion, if one paid close attention to James Bond's style, we too could become the elegant type of man women want, and other men would want to be. When you think about it, in a man's everyday life, he too is a sort of "00" agent in his own right. In our daily lives, we are trying to make a way in life for ourselves navigating between business and women, having to deal with an occasional fight here and there, for only the strongest survive. The many qualities of a spy such as James Bond gives great inspiration men to hone in on the skills that make us sexy, capable men. I was watching the first James Bond movie the other day, which came out in 1962 entitled, "Dr. No". Since then, up until now with this year's Novemebr 9th release of the twenty third installment of the franchise, "Skyfall", James Bond has served as a classic example of what it would be like to be a man who gets the job done, and knows how to get the job done with style. To men he is a version of a superhero that could exist in real life; one of which we could actually be, ourselves, if we tried. I am sure no man would refuse to be a man who can be trusted to get things done, desired by just about all women one comes in contact with, and can be brave enough to defend himself and others around him in any situation so effectively that he can be trusted to be responsible for the fate of entire nations. In my fashion, he shows how a man can use his intelligence to become the type of man worthy of such capabilities, one who uses his manly charm and wit as strengths towards MANifesting his Destiny. In my fashion, he is quite the example of an "elegant" man.

James Bond shows that elegance is not solely associated with women, gowns, and beauty. There are certain qualities of a man that can make him quite appealing in an elegant way too. Late editor-in-chief of Vogue, Diana Vreeland, said that elegance is innate. In my fashion, from James Bonds example, a man's elegance is rooted in his charm, wit, and intelligence. James Bond always knows what to say and do in any situation to get the results he is looking for. With his impeccable manners, these qualities working together lend him an easiness in his aura, an aura which makes others (especially women) find entertainment in his company. 

Another aspect that makes James Bond so elegant is his ability to think ahead and be observant. Instead of waiting for a something bad to occur, he marinates in the moment of a situation, assessing his surroundings. He exudes a patience that allows him to carefully observe key details that enables him to prepare for the worst. As a spy, one would have to think to themselves that anything could happen. What can go wrong, will go wrong, right? This is a very open mind set that allows one the freedom to use their intelligence to piece together inferences about their surroundings. James Bond represents this to the tenth degree. When you think about it, in our normal lives, aside from tasks like diffusing bombs, we have to have that mentality ourselves because life, in general, is constantly challenging us and threatening our livelihood. Being able to take in the energy of any given moment and recognize when things aren't right is essential to being able to protect the ones we love, and even though we may not deal with bad guys shooting machine guns at us on a daily basis, its like Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands as times of challenge and controversy."

Last, but never least on #IMFblog, is his appearance! James Bond always looks impeccable. Even when he's not in a three piece suit, his attire is always classically bold. His sharpness in dress matches his sharpness intelligence-wise. In my fashion, if you want to know how a suit should fit on a man, look no further than a James Bond film. Here are the 10 Ways Bond Makes the Most of His Appearance from

While James Bond may be fictional character who is placed in exaggerated scenarios of life and death, taking away pieces of his character could quite possibly prove helpful as we seek to conquer life's challenges as men. I know what channel I will be watching this Thanksgiving holiday! I conclude this post with's advise on the Etiquette of a Gentleman because as they say, "being a modern gentleman doesn't have to be hard, and in fact it’s easier than ever. It’s all about self-awareness and consideration for those around you. Those never go out of style.":

Basic Manners
  • Don't flaunt your riches
  • Never let others see you looking at your watch
  • Never groom yourself in public
  • Be punctual
  • Shake hands firmly
  • Apply constant verbal grace
  • Tip well and discreetly
  • Project high moral values
  • Acknowledge your acquaintances 
  • Address new acquaintances by their title and last name
  • Look at your interlocutor
  • At dinner, address those on your left and right
  • Never remove coat or necktie when in company
  • Only talk when you've been formally introduced
  • Let your social superiors address you first
Etiquette She Appreciates
  • Holding the door
  • Reaching for the check
  • Opening the car door
  • Entering a cab first
  • Walking on the curb-side of the street
  • Offering her your arm

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