Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Style Watch: Shamar Forte

Anyone who is currently in a relationship or has been in one can attest that relationships are a showdown, much like artist Shamar Forte shows in his video entitled "Showdown". Any of us men who have had a lady can probably attest to the quote by, Muhammad Ali, that concludes this video: "My toughest fight was with my first wife." Women are beautiful creatures, but they sure can hold a grudge, and be quite nasty at times! In my fashion, it is a males duty to learn our women well enough to find the best approaches to communicate with them. The hardest part about it is having the patience to deal with the mind of a women. I've been paying attention to Keyshia Cole's show on BET, "Keyshia and Daniel: Family First", and I applaud them for inviting their fans to learn from the mistakes that they go through. Cole's husband, and point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Daniel Gibson, surely goes through it dealing with a strong women such as the infamous, "Keyshia Cole", who has already had it rough in previous relationships. A bit of advise I caught from him is that in a relationship their must be respect for how each other feels: "He needs to respect her feelings as much as she respects him." In my fashion, learning to approach, respect, and understand the "independent women" is a relatively new feat for men in history. Women have shown just in this last century that they will continue to fight for their equality, so its imperative now more than ever for men to be open-minded and take a closer look into the female psyche to understand how to keep them satisfied, which in turn will make us men happy in the long run, am I right? It goes back to a Bit-O-Inspiro I shared not too long ago from, Pharrell Williams, "If you kiss her mind, her body will follow." In my fashion, a women can teache us real patience. 

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