Sunday, November 4, 2012

Style Watch: Ciara

Here is a new video from a women whose upcoming album of which I have shown much support for here on #IMFblog, Ciara. I feel not just men can agree, but you would have to be a jealous women not to admit that she is a sublime example of physical perfection. Her videos always amaze and thrill me. The shapes she makes with her body, the imagery pushes all the right buttons at all the right times. In my fashion, it channels very ninety's, and the all white works well with the ever-expanding dessert as her backdrop. In the one scene with the sleek long sleeve over size sweatshirt, she's keeping with the trend of the moment, layering, and it keeps well with her tomboy appeal. What is signature "Ciara", and is a part of her dress I see worn in a lot in her general look are those large pieces of fringe that tend to always swing from her legs. Some might say how pointless to wear, and how irrelevant they are to wear on a normal day, but they work for Ciara because of the way that she uses them to create a certain visual treat that other performers cannot provide. The visual imagery of all the parts working together come together so well, and as I said in my last Style Watch post for Ciara's video, "Sorry", her hair frames her face so sultry-like with her perfect bone structure, and makes her facial expressions more defined which lends a more empowered vibe to this women who knows what she wants from a man. The artistry of this video is so simple, but Ciara is consistently able to thrill us with her mesmerizing talent.

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